The Woodbridge Architectural Review Board has been requested to establish a standardized approach to protecting air conditioning units from damage from normal landscaping activities. The following procedure is hereby provided as the standard: 

  1. Determine the area required to protect the air conditioner.  A minimum distance of 12 inches around  the air conditioner is recommended.  It is also recommended that the area be extended to the condominium foundation and includes the area where the air conditioning condensate drain is located.  This will assist with allowing the condensate to drain into the soil.
  2. Excavate the area to a depth of approximately 3 inches
  3. Weedmat the entire area.
  4. Install salt treated walls of 2x4s or 4x4s on top of the weed mat.  The walls should be flush with the ground or above the ground by no more than one inch.   These walls are held together by 3/8” galvanized lag screws of sufficient length to penetrate through the one wall and into the second wall about 2 ½ inches or more.  These holes will need to be predrilled to minimize cracking.  Two lag screws are required at each connection.
  5. The walls must also be predrilled for driving rebar into the ground which will stabilize the walls and prevent movement. The weed mat should be penetrated with a sharp object before driving the rebar into the ground.
  6. The walls may be left unfinished, finished with a clear sealer or finished to match the deck, if applicable.
  7. Carefully fill the area inside the walls with medium size pea gravel or equivalent.


A typical installation sketch is provided to assist with installation.


No ARB request is needed for this protective surround if installed per the guidelines.


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